XML file generated does not have signature, is considered invalid

One of the main problems caused by the google, tata, ntro hacking of the laptop of a private citizen, is that the domain investor cannot generate xml file, when the excel utility is used
There is no validation error when the xml file is generated for itr two and three
Yet when the file is uploaded, it will give an error.
When the same file is used on other laptops it will give the proper xml file without any problem, indicating ntro’s harassment of private citizens, hacking their laptops so that they can make fake claims

Filing income tax returns for local persons exposed the google, tata hacking fraud

Google, tata, ntro are involved in a major computer hacking fraud on indian paypal account holders, hacking their laptops and then falsely claiming that the relatives and friends of top officials, bribe givers are doing the computer work, to get them raw/.cbi jobs with monthly salary without doing any work, without investing any money online
the real paypal account holder is criminally defamed, in the worst possible manner, to cover up the hacking, financially fraud , correspondence stolen by the raw/cbi employees without a court order to isolate the person
Only when the income tax returns are filed for local persons will the hacking be exposed, since the document files are different.

Shivalli brahmin officials made fake black money allegations mainly to get their lazy greedy unskilled relative a monthly raw salary without doing any computer work

In addition to the goan call girl raw employees siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, who are promoted extensively by google, tata to avoid paying the call girls their fees for SEX services from million dollar profits, google, tata are also making fake claims about the relatives of top officials like riddhi nayak caro, bengaluru brahmin R&AW employee cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, bribe givers like indore robber veena, to avoid paying bribes, falsely claiming that these women own the paypal, bank account of a single woman engineer, domain investor who they hate, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING HER

For the last 10 years, hathwar,kodancha have been extremely aggressive in criminally defaming the engineer as having black money, no income, yet they and their relative nayanshree hathwar, who they got a raw job with the stolen identity of the engineer are openly involved in an income tax fraud

They have not found any proof to send any income tax notice, yet their relative nayanshree hathwar continues to get a monthly raw salary for FALSELY CLAIMING to have the resume, savings of the engineer, domain investor